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    • It started! Come talk to us at our stand at ! ,
    • Today starts the Black Hat Regional Summit: São Paulo and Exceda will be there. Find out more at: ,
    • Para la mejor experiencia de compra, entra a las páginas asociadas desde la página del evento wwww cybermonday.cl @CyberDaysChile ,
    • Recuerda que este año las ofertas están disponibles 17 y 18 de noviembre @cyberdayschile ,
  • Performance

    Performance Exceda gives you access to the world’s leading web acceleration, mobility and mobile analytics solutions, bringing your content closer to users on every device and boosting web application performance and page load speeds by up to 500%.

    Scalability Be ready for any traffic load—any time—without investing a dime on web infrastructure.

    Security Extend the reach of your security outside of your own IT infrastructure to prevent DDoS and other common attack types, protect web site performance, and ensure the privacy of customer data.

    Availability Deliver great experiences—to any device, anywhere—with the most robust, resilient content delivery network on the planet.